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Quinn’s First Law? Michael Barone: Under Obama, Millenials Move Into The GOP Column.


Though Barone avoids mentioning Quinn’s First Law (Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent) he does rather explain how it applies to the idea that young people might abandon the “hope and change” message of the Democrats:

[…] in his second term Bush proved toxic to the Republican label. The Pew Research Center showed Democrats with a 51 to 39 percent party identification edge over Republicans in its 2008 polls.

Now Pew Research has come out has come out with figures for 2011. They’re not good news for Barack Obama and the Democrats.

The Democratic party identification edge has been reduced to 47 to 43 percent. That’s a 4-point drop for Democrats and a 4-point rise for Republicans since 2008.

Perhaps if many young people are moving away from the default ‘liberal’ positions there are factors other than Quinn’s Law as described by Mr. Barone and Pew Research.

I believe it has little to do with Obama or his mishandling of the economy and far more a consequence of other factors.

Let’s start with the internet. What has changed dramatically over the last decade is the bursting-out of libertarian and conservative ideas unconstrained by traditional statist media editors. Not just ideas, but raw facts: Kids, finding successful business models and business people on the web, will unconsciously compare these to the models presented by their parents and teachers. Zuckerberg’s weenie-lib politics notwithstanding, his raw capitalist success is what attracts and motivates his peers.  They know who Bill Gates is; they understand Steve Jobs.  They dig that Lady Gaga is a self-made success.  More, they understand that these successes had almost nothing to do with government and everything to do with economic liberty.

Then there’s simple, pure rebellion:  The grey-haired neo-commie selling “ecotopia” and “multiculturalism” at college is not an aspirational role model.  His lousy jeans, tired sweat tops and patronizing statism makes it obvious that he’s got snake-oil on the “smart” board.  Faux anger at social “injustices” only lasts so long.  No, these kids will look elsewhere for inspiration.

Not just the internet, but the access to ideas has changed too: Small portable screens on laptops, net books and tablets are everywhere.  Today’s kids are discovering new music on YouTube and Pandora as they re-discover Led Zeppelin and Metallica. They’re finding Hit ‘n Run, Day by Day, Gizmodo

…and Republicans, through little credit of their own, represent the only major American political organization that is pro-entrepreneure and pro-success.  Some of that may well be the Tea party movement – highly disorganized, socially rebellious and liberty-oriented.  Ask a kid today – any kid: “Do you want a nice union job when you finish school, or do you want to start your own enterprise?”  More and more, these kids want to go where the future is.  G-d bless ’em.

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  1. 2011/07/29 17:36

    “The grey-haired neo-commie selling “ecotopia” and “multiculturalism” at college is not an aspirational role model. His lousy jeans, tired sweat tops and patronizing statism makes it obvious that he’s got snake-oil on the “smart” board.”

    Heh. Well said.

    That’s a nice, optimistic take. Thanks for it. I get a little worried about the lemming-type kids. The ones with all initiative and critical thinking sucked out of them, so they can’t see past the lousy jeans and the patronizing statism.


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