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Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee in Federal Gun Probe


No, that isn’t a film, it’s the real nightmare.  “Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee are now involved in a federal gun probe thanks to a picture they took on July 11th. Michaels and Lee had gone to a shooting range in North Carolina where they shot off some guns and posed for the picture with firearms.” Alongside officers from the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, Salisbury and Spencer police departments.

Your tax funds hard at work! The BATFE will go after Tommy Lee… It’s not as if he did anything harmless, you know, like shipping thousands of guns to the Sinaloa cartel and then lying to Congress about it.

Hey, if Congress wants to cut some spending… we’re taking suggestions.

UPDATE: Instapundit notes another amazing BATFE investigationGreat having these guys on our side, yeh?

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