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Must Watch: Romney Takes on Rowdy Heckler in Iowa


MRC’s Corwin Parks has the goods:

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was interrupted by rowdy protesters while stumping in Iowa. Here’s Romney taking on the hecklers.

If these clowns were Demo plants, the stratagem backfired – royally. They gave Romney a chance to shine… and blaze away he did. Heh. This is good. Fire in the belly. Great to see this from him.

I’ve wanted to see that Mitt really means what he says about limiting government; that his evolution from statist RINO towards conservatism has some conviction.

I’ve also wanted to see that Mitt has real passion and drive – that he can adopt the alpha male role and mean it. Too, that under pressure Romney can stay on-target.  Short as the confrontation was, he came off looking much more convincing than the beta “moderate” of four years ago.

America’s enemies – external and internal – want us to elect a maleable weakling.  A suit.  We offered-up two flavors of the same weak brew last go ’round.  Time for some strong, principled Tea, people.  Extreme in the defense of Liberty is a virtue.  Romney might just yet be our guy.

UPDATE:   Thanks for the link Eric Dondero!  From the comments

Caveat: Romney is not at the top of my list. He’s just earned his way onto the “hold your nose and vote” section. Until yesterday I would not have even considered him.

I kept it positive because I was happy for Mitt. Still, he’ll have to show a whole lot more of this sort of combative-for-principles stuff before I’d ever donate a buck.

Last go round the only candidate who showed any feistiness was Fred Thompson, when he told the school-marm to [ahem] go shove the “all raise hands” farce. There was Romney, hand in the air along with the other betas, telling us us he too agreed that “global warming” was a “problem.”

Remember who RINOmney was. Past performance is a reasonable indicator of likely future behavior. Caveat freakin’ Emptor.

I’ll add that the Teapers have had a tremendous influence this go round. (Mr. Santelli, sir! – There is a special holiday resort somewhere in Heaven reserved just for you, pal. You’ve earned it.) The likes of Bachmann and Cain, Flake and Santorum have pushed the debate to republican first principles; to the understanding of what Tocqueville and Levin describe as Liberty and Tyranny. I remain skeptical that Romney “gets it” but there is hope.

Either way, the beauty contest for the Offal Orifice shouldn’t distract from the real prize: Congress. Even with President Hillary ensconced we’d need a powerful Congress – and powerful, conservative States – as competition.

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  1. 2011/08/12 07:58

    I’m going to take a bit more convincing. He’s espousing views that approach acceptability, but I’m not sure they’re heartfelt. Time will tell and I’ll work on keeping an open mind in the mean time, but I’d rather start out with someone who doesn’t have a background he has to overcome, or better yet, a background that is admirable. What’s John Bolton up to these days?

    • 2011/08/12 10:45

      Good points all.

      Ambassador Bolton is searching for funds, methinks.

      I’ll shout from the roof-tops that the WH is not our only concern. A President must be pushed or lead as much as possible by a solid Congress. It’s the local elections and Party machines that will prove vital over the long-haul. Our Reps and Senators matter a great deal to me. – Especially this go-round, where my Senator has agreed to participate in the “Super Committee” BS and my Rep had the nerve to vote for Boehner’s deal. Debt Men Walking, as Rush might say.

  2. 2011/08/12 14:30

    Thanks for sharing; that was good. I agree about the Caveat Emptor stuff from the comments. Still, it’s easier to control a RINO Pres than it is a Marxism-on-Steroids Pres like we got today.


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