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Fast & Furious: Where IS The American Media?


From TAG’s Robert Farago: ATF Death Watch 56: The Truth Makes Me Nervous

The picture: The US Department of State and White House agree to side with and arm the Sinaloa drug cartel against the Zetas, at the behest of the Mexican Government?

Nothing here makes direct sense. Why wouldn’t the CIA simply pull materiel from military stock and rent a few planes? Why bother with making honest US dealers in civilian guns the “source?”

It looks like a too-clever-by-half effort to simultaneously “help” Philipe Calderone avoid trouble with the Sinaloas whilst advancing a national anti-gun agenda.

Do I need to mention that Mexican journalists are, like their fellow citizens, unarmed? Or that “Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission says 68 journalists were murdered in Mexico from 2000 to March of this year”? A list that doesn’t include the thousands of reporters who now report whatever they’re told to report, lest the drug cartels decapitate them and slaughter their families.

As I continue to investigate the ATF and its relations to the CIA, FBI, IRS (go figure), ICE, CPB, DHS, State Department, White House and Mexican government, as I look into the connection between official U.S. arms sales and the murderous mayhem south of our border, I implore my colleagues in the MSM to get involved with this story.

They will follow where the alternative media lead.

Blog-buddies – please link directly to Robert’s site. There is corruption of an unprecedented scale that creates direct threats to national security and to personal liberty.

By the way… WHERE THE HELL IS RUSH LIMBAUGH ON THIS? SEAN HANNITY? MARK LEVIN? Where is GLENN BECK? – It was Glenn who told us two years ago that the corruption of this Administration was it’s Achilles’ heel. “Restore Courage?” Fine. While you’re at it, restore too, some reporting.

Right now the ONLY guy with the cujones to lead on this is Jim Quinn. Shame on the rest of you radio starlets.

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