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NJ ‘Gun Rabbi’ teaches Torah of Self-Defense


“Jews need to rethink their relationship with firearms,” says Bendory

“Jews have a very long history of being at the wrong end of a gun barrel,” he said. “When we think about guns we think about them being used against us. We have a tendency not to think about the gun as an incredibly valuable defensive tool. In a world where you have arrests in New York City of, quote unquote, ‘home-grown terrorists’ who are buying guns to go have shootings in synagogues, in a world where you have a shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington and the JCC in Seattle and the JCC in LA — and I could go on and on — the reality is that for certain kind of attacks, the handgun is the best defensive weapon we have.”

Clint Smith would argue that a pistol is what one uses to gain access to one’s GUN, either a shotgun or a heavy MBR.  The real point is this: The main function of weapons possession is deterrence.  Criminals do not typically barge into police stations seeking drugs, money or other evidence held under security.  It would be suicidally foolish.  There is no reason why a criminal of any sort should feel safer attacking a Jewish school or synagogue or any Jewish home.

You can read more about Rabbi Bendory over at JPFO.

God.  Guns.  Gefilte fish.  You have a problem with gefilte fish? Heh.

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2011/08/18 23:17

    I say get all King David on their asses. hehe

  2. 2011/08/19 08:33

    That’ll work. As in, “Break the teeth of my enemy,” King David.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/08/22 14:26

    Given the history of the Jewish people, I remain completely mystified by the preponderance of Jews who are anti private ownership of guns.

    • 2011/08/22 14:46

      I too. It’s a morally indefensible position. It’s one thing to refuse to bear arms; It’s quite another to demand that others be denied the right. Yet slaughter after pogrom after holocaust after murder… they cling bitterly to their neuroses. Whatever… Darwin will have the last laugh.


  1. God. Guns. Gefilte fish. « Si Vis Pacem

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