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Rule 5 Get In Line: Girls With Guns


From The Liberty Belle:

I discovered a young conservative woman this week with her own website and a love for guns. Her name: Regis Giles. She is the sister of Hannah Giles who along with James O’Keefe brought down the giant and criminal ACORN organization. You’ll find a link below to Regis’ website, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (click her photo).

Count on Maggie to A) keep her posts in good taste, and B) keep the temperature WAY up.

My favorite? Dunno. Toss-up: AnnCoulter. Regis Giles. (Paradoxically enough, conservative guys tend to be like that. Something to do with red-blood genetics.)  Right.  Where was I?  Yes…


…and my personal all-time favorite Gal with Gun photo…

Mama Grizzly

Thanks for the kind link, Maggie!

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  1. 2011/08/21 18:19

    Those are two good ones Ran. Thanks so much for this lovely link. I really appreciate it. (I looked everywhere for Megyn Kelly with a gun, but found nothing). All conservative girls wanting to get noticed should pose with a weapon.

  2. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/08/22 14:10

    Hannah Giles or Regis Giles, decisions, decisions….. I’m flummoxed.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/08/22 14:11

    Oh, and I’m married too. Never mind.


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