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Obama’s Rabbit Moment Arrives: The Killer Earfquake


The Killer Earfquake. How will America's Economy EVER Recover?

It took the blogosphere mere seconds to note that Obama and Axelplouffe have a brand new excuse for the failing economy.

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  1. 2011/08/24 09:31

    Ah, the rabbit moment. I wonder who will remember the killer rabbit that almost drove Jimma out of his canoe?

  2. 2011/08/25 03:35

    Run away, run away! Retreat!

    Killer rabbits are ruthless, man. How dare you second guess folks for admitting their powerlessness against them.

  3. 2011/08/25 13:00

    Heh. I know all about killer rabbits – I saw the documentary with the rabbit at the cave. Powerless against them indeed!


  4. ruralcounsel permalink
    2011/08/26 13:32

    Except Krugman thinks the earthquake should be a stimulus to the economy … and wishes it had been bigger. So much for that excuse. Krugman and Obama need to get their story straight.

    So Krugman must think GDP will get a big bump out of Hurricane Irene?

    • 2011/08/26 13:41

      Thanks RC – I had thought the Krugman story was one of those “let them eat cake!” frauds… actually false but humorously conformational to character.

      He really did say that? I hope not. If so, his students may have grounds to demand refunds. Imagine all that money flowing back. Now there’s a disaster and consequential “stimulus.” Even Krugman could like it!

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