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Why Palin Must Run – and Run For Keeps


Palin doesn’t stand a chance.  Or does she?

She’s seen as too polarizing due to the extremely successful MSM character assassination campaign waged against her.

Hey, in late March of ’80, Time reported that Reagan was “lagging” Carter by a full 25% in pols.  He was “divisive, extreme,” supported only by a “fringe” right-wing element…  Reagan was despised by the RINO wing bought and paid-for by New England’s Rockefeller effete.  “Not too bright.” “Simplistic.”  Swap-out “Palin” for “Reagan” in today’s reports and you’re in Yogi Berra territory once more.

Then there’s the notion that the MSM’s character assassination has been “successful.”  I see it everywhere, but I don’t see much actual success.  On a person to person basis very few have bought the “successful” media anti-hype.  The meme that Palin is Destroyed is like the Left’s other great scam: Global Warming – “Everybody Knows It’s True.”  “Scientific Consensus.”  Yet when you get out here in fly-over country and ask Tea people a simple question – “But if by some miracle she became the nominee, would you support Palin?”  It’s damned near 100% double thumbs-up.

Tea: That is the bloc to attract.  These are culturally the same element that swept Reagan to power.  These are the motivated rabble hoards.  We are the great unwashed redneck bitter clingers that that stayed away from McCain.  Never mind the “independents” …  win us and you win, big-time.

. . .
As to those precious “independents” …

This much wooed “middle ground” is hardly a monolithic bloc. Rather, it is composed of “Centrists”, “Moderates”, “Undecideds”, the Confused, the Uninformed and a whole lot of uncommitted shoppers looking for a Party that will represent their wallets and pet issues from election to election. Very importantly, the “middle” is composed as well of Libertarians and Conservatives long denied access to influence within the Republican and Democratic Parties.

– A portion of Independents and undeclareds are like Sean Hannity, conservatives who will no longer stomach the RINOcracy.  There’s a lot of Tea here to be won-over, and Palin is very attractive to them. Us.

– Many others are swingers who will vote enthusiastically for their wallet and their IRAs.  This element will vote this time for the Republican against the Democrat.  The RNC could run a cold ham sandwich and win this bunch.

– A number of “independents” aren’t swing voters, they are typically undeclared liberal Democrats happily sucking away on the public teat or in cushy union jobs – and they want the tax base to survive, not die. They may be mostly Default Democrats, but they’re sharp enough to know not to support Obama again.  Think Reagan Democrats.

– Perhaps most lazy undeclared Democrats in the “independent” category will vote for the Democrat as always.  The DNC could run Hillary, Sharpton or Biden (Hell, Paul Wellstone)  and they’ll still vote Demo.  That is, if they can put down the remote and make it to the polls. (burp) The election gods aren’t with them this time and they know it, the threat of PalinZilla notwithstanding.

. . .

Palin destroyed?  Sure – and Reagan too never stood a chance. In Massachussetts.

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  1. 2011/08/24 09:30

    Give me divisive extremists any day. If they divide wheat from chaff and if they’re extreme in defense of liberty they’re ok in my book.

    • 2011/08/24 12:02

      Me too, and for a practical reason: The Demos have constantly moved away from the Constitution. The typical Republican response is to offer a “moderate” – that being someone who, too, adjusts his position leftward. When we have the cujones to stand our ground, Demos cave.

      Your point is interesting, too: If in forcing this precious “moderate” to choose between two clear differences, the fiscal rationality of the Constitutional view takes the majority.

  2. Ret. Marine permalink
    2011/09/03 04:30

    Count me as one of those rabble rousers which “in fact” voted for R Regan, I was then a young Marine 2nd Lt. Sarah, the Couragous Moma Bear has this old devil dog reaching for the YES marked with her Title. POTUS. I have to agree, the independents are just liberal democrats that can’t make up their mind or admit to be as such. Hell, who needs them, there are plenty of us Patriots to run them down like a pack of wild dogs, its just what is needed this time around. Hound dog homer O, from kenya is done, finished, one term disaster from the pits of ali-allah hell. Put a fork in it already, I think we’ve, i.e. We the Patriots, have seen about as much as we can stand to take out of this fraud already.

    • 2011/09/04 02:23

      10 by 10, sir! Rumor tonight is that she’s going to back Perry on his ticket. This could be a Good Thing.

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