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The Remembered Man


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The Remembered Man

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Please forgive me, for I do not know this man’s name. G-d knows; may He bless and keep this man with Him in eternity.

. . .

February 26, 1993. My first day in New York City. A recent grad, in the offices of Richard Meier Architects for an interview. Everyone was huddling around tv’s and radios: World Trade had just been bombed. That afternoon as I streamed through Grand Central, I happened to catch a glance from a chap who had just hopped off a taxi from WTC. Covered in soot, ash, sweat. Gave him a nod to say “Glad you’re OK.”

September 11, 2001. Upper West Side. My wife took my daughter to school and vote in locals. I had heard on 770 WABC that a plane had hit the north tower. I figured a low-time dumb-ass Cessna jockey, trying too hard to impress his girlfriend had smucked it into WTC. Shortly after the news came in of a second plane plowing straight into the South tower. I knew immediately it was “Al Qaida” back to finish the job. Reports too of heavy smoke coming from the Pentagon and “a black helicopter” hovering around the fire. Later a fourth plane going down in Pennsylvania.  The towers collapsing.  All those people; all those lives.

. . .

That man falling was a casualty of war. I will remain constantly aware of the evil pagan ideology that did this and why this good man’s life was taken from him. I will remember him always.

. . .

Steven Givler reminds us of one of the true heros of the day: Michael Kiefer – one of 2,996.
The Liberty Belle reminds us of Robin Kaplan.

. . .


I’m no fan of the leftie notion of “closure.” We are not all of us terminally lost in existentialist nonsense. There are lessons in life and the emotions and reactions they bring that are healthy and appropriate even if they aren’t comfortable. Not everything needs be “warm and fuzzy.”

We were savagely attacked by barbarians that day; pious followers of a pagan cult with the objective of world domination. The term ‘islam‘ does not mean “peace”, it means ‘complete submission.‘ Their cult has been at war with us since it began the genocide of the Nabatean remnants in Arabia and the slaughter of Jews in Mecca and Medina. There are fools today who willingly, eagerly purchase the lie that ‘jihad‘ means “inner struggle,”  anything to avoid responsibility to face evil and name it. The simple, blunt fact is that the people who hijacked those planes were not ‘extremists‘ but rather pious and fully submitted in the tradition of Saladin; they were on a holy mission.  There is no “closure” to 9/11… unless one is willing to face annihilation.

The man in the photo above paid the price of another man’s evil.

. . .

We’re not being attacked because we are in Afghanistan; we’re in Afghanistan because we were attacked.

. . .

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  1. 2011/09/11 04:29

    What memories you have. The photo always plummets my stomach to my toes. We must never forget it. I thank you for showing it. Thank you Ran for linking to American Airlines Flt. 11 passenger on that day, Robin Kaplan.God bless America.

  2. 2011/09/11 15:54

    Feels like it was yesterday, doesn’t it? I don’t want to forget, but it sure hurts to remember. We were on the east coast and I’ve never even been to New York, but I sure knew military life was about to change. Funny how you know wars happen but didn’t really think it would, before 9/11.


  3. 2011/09/11 16:13

    Hey Lin, it does feel like yesterday.

    Michael Ledeen pointed out that Iran has been at war with us for over three decades. Difficult, that: It is but one recent front in a war lasting since an illiterate poedophile, centuries ago, decided that all Christians were to pay the dhimmi tax and all Jews were to be exterminated. We’re supposed to face that threat while the Left ties our hands. It’s one thing to play Houdini; it’s another to emerge with full battle dress.

    We’re doing it. Cheers.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2011/09/12 03:44

    Pagan? My ass. Schooled agents of Satan murdered those people. Satan has minions. They were dancing in the streets as innocent men women and babies were butchered for sport by their fellow travelers.

    Pygmies in Borneo or African Bushmen could be accurately called pagan. The vermin who killed my people that day weren’t pagans. They were devout followers of Satan.

  5. 2011/09/12 11:51

    So you’re implying that I owe a lot of self-respecting pagans an apology? Perhaps.

    What I know for sure is this: Ethical monotheism – the Judeo-Christian understanding of G-d – has sweet nothing to do with this lot. The desert cult can at it’s most favorable be described as monolatric barbarism. If they have transcendant thinkers like Hillel or Aquinas that can drag them into the 21st century then they’d best get working. As they are, the 12thers and the Bros are atavistic nightmares – and these appear to be the cult’s future. Blast from the past!

  6. ccoffer permalink
    2011/09/15 13:48

    Fair enough. 🙂


  1. Project 2996: Robin Kaplan Remembered – AA Flight 11 | Maggie's Notebook

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