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Palin/Rubio v. Biden/Webb 2012


Ace feels vibes.

Do you recall the time four years ago when the conventional wisdom had ’08 as coming down to Clinton v. Giuliani?  I don’t expect at all that this will be a Romney v. Obama contest.  Neither does Ace.

I’ve been onto something akin but more serious than The Won merely declining to seek renomination.  My suspicion began when Clinton and Gates brazenly scooped Barry’s Osama Surprise from him a full year early. Jarrett had wanted OBL saved as an election goodie; Clinton would have needed to neutralize what little foreign policy success potential remained for the Incumbent.

When the Gunwalker murder fiasco surfaced it seemed that it became highly unlikely that Obama could survive it.

I’ll take friendly wagers that TOTUS and AG Holder, both, resign early… so that the incoming President can dispense full, blanket pardons.  The gross, in-your-face corruption of this Administration has been so outrageous and over such a span of criminality that even the beclowned Old Grey Lady won’t be able to dodge it.  “This is a big (effin’) deal!”  [Amen, Joe. – Ed.]  To quote broadcaster Jim Quinn:

High crimes and misdemeanors… mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Much depends upon Vice President Biden.  I don’t get the sense that he’s evil.  Yet Barry is in way over his head and like his ideology, badly out of capital. Joe may well have to pardon The Won; I can’t predict how it will work for Holder.

And yeah, I think Palin will step-up and be on the ticket.

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  1. 2011/09/16 15:41

    We certainly live in interesting times.

    I hope Palin gets in and I think she will, too.

    I know Ace likes Perry but while I give Perry credit for owning up to the Gardasil mistake, his allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition is ridiculous.

    Nobody else in the GOP group seems to have what it takes but I really don’t care who the Republican nominee is, they’ll get my vote. We have to end the SCoaMF’s reign of disaster.

  2. 2011/09/16 16:00

    We’re on the same wavelength Ima! Thanks. Yeh – we could nominate a cold ham sandwich and it would be a huge improvement.

    Whomever we nominate, we will have to lead from Congress. I’m convinced that Local, State and Congressional races are by far the most important: this Conservative thing of “minding our own business” misses the old maxim that Liberty requires eternal vigilance.


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