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David Brooks’ Puppy Gets Caught in Glenn Reynolds’ Blender


No! No Glenn! Not the PUREE button!

Is this a real breakthrough, or will he lapse back into rubeitude at the sight of sharply-creased pants?

Oh, the horror.

As a wise man once observed, “Heh.

. . .

It was New York Times’ “conservative” columnist Brooks who wrote the now infamously hilarious “Run Barack Run” column.  Brooks later derisively quipped on Sunday teevee that “Sarah Palin is a joke!”  Alas, it was becoming increasingly obvious over the last decade that the New Yorks Times’ reputation as the “newspaper of record” was the joke, and a jolly dark joke at that.

What separates the New Media from the Old is less a function of medium per se, but of content.  Live by spin; die by blender. Oh the horror.

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  1. 2011/09/20 13:09

    Brooks hasn’t learned a thing. His article makes it clear that he’s ignorant of the principles behind his foolishness, and that he sees his only fault as having backed the wrong horse.

    • 2011/09/20 20:02

      Thanks Steven… I smell a rat. Hillary to be precise.

      The pattern seems to me to be Alinsky in play – in this case, applied against the Won, now that he has reached the limit of his shelf-life. It’s Clinton’s turn.

      Lil’ Barry must be convinced that he has no advantage in running, no chance of winning, that his legacy of social Progress itself is at risk if he fails to be a team player. If he doesn’t voluntarily agree or step aside, they will promise to use his Chicago-style antics against him by allowing Congress to impeach him and try him for any of a range of corrupt orders.

      Look forward to Obama’s name being floated as UN SecGen.

      What Brooks, the New York Times and Hillary haven’t taken into account is that they can not succeed by destroying or removing the Teleprompter Messiah. The whole point of the Tea Party uprising is that we understand that “it’s the agenda, stupid!

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