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How to Legally Swipe Your Neighbors’ Property


10th Commandment Suspended

Yes, it’s completely LEGAL.  You can swipe your neighbors’ property – it’s a SNAP!


(We didn’t claim it was moral; just legal. – Ed.)

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  1. 2011/09/21 20:27

    Geewillikers, Yos, I guess things will never cease to amaze me. I’m only just starting to realize how bad this entitlement mentality is getting. It’s scary, really. Thanks for the pingback. And I never even thought about the jewelry counter at Walmart. Cripes.

  2. 2011/09/21 21:01

    Thanks Lin!

    We’re probably not going to have a quick fix on this stuff. Something like a reverse-course wind-down. That, or a bloody revolution; a literally bloody revolution.

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