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The Myth of Tea Party “Leaders” … Teapers have Eyes on the Prize.


Tea Party leaders say Senate is the focus for ’12, not necessarily the Prez race

The senate “a” focus, definitely. However, we’re not interested in diverting our attention from electing a Libertarian-Conservative President.  (Nice try, Dick!)

And NO, FreedomWorks and Tea Party Express are NOT Tea Party “leaders.”

The game shows and beauty contests have given us nothing but Presidential RINOs with but one exception in living memory, granted.

Where Kibbe and Armey are wrong is this: Teapers are not falling in line with FreedomWorks.  It’s not the Presidential nomination race nor the Senate that is the prime concern – it’s taking-over local Republican clubs and Republican precincts and State parties that Teapers are infiltrating.  Kibbe can’t be there to help in the grass-roots; no major Tea collective can.

Moreover, Teapers are tired of supporting teams and cheering heros delivered to us by our… betters.  That’s fine for NFL football.

The irony of FreedomWorks and the Express is that they are collectives.  Armey and Kibbe aren’t “evil” as such, but Teapers must vet for themselves candidates at all levels.

We owe it to our kids never to trust FreedomWorks or any other “Tea” collective that pretends to speak for a collective of independent thinkers and activists.  Ditto Express, ditto them all.

I’m not saying that Tea PACs are a bad idea: I am rather saying they are deluded if they think they are “leading” anyone.  The free market of ideas has a capitalist result: FreedomWorks and the Express and their kin will succeed only if they respond to customer demand.

. . .

I shall be away for the next few days.  See you Sunday!  have a great weekend.


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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2011/10/12 14:23

    It’s a misguided effort anyway. I think they’re telegraphing that they see Romney as the likely nominee and that they will focus their attention elsewhere. That is an incredibly stupid move strategically. 2012 will be first and foremost a Presidential contest. People don’t turn out in the same number to vote for Senators. It’s stupid spite more than anything.

  2. 2011/10/12 14:34

    That’s how I see it too, Chuck. “Move on, folks!” Screw that. I’m pushing for Cain.

    The basic numbers are scary for Romney: Add up the conservative votes and compare them to the RINO votes for Romney and Huntsman… landslide.

    I hope libertarians and conservative unite behind Cain. Landslide.


  3. ccoffer permalink
    2011/10/12 17:16

    I’m especially curious about whose votes are going to be picked up by who as people start dropping out. When looked at from that perspective, Romney certainly doesn’t look like so much of a shoe in. I think that sort of stuff is hard to predict, though. You can never be sure what motivates someone’s supporters. Say, for instance that Bachmann dropped out tomorrow, who is to say where that support would go? Would it all go in the same direction? That’s where it gets tricky. Romney is tied for first with Undecided. It could break a lot of different ways, but in the end, Romney has the best organization on the ground. It won’t win him any debates, but it wins primaries. There is no one in the race I wouldn’t support. I also expect to see Newt Gingrich to start rising in the polls. He’s the best one of the bunch on policy.

  4. 2011/10/12 18:43

    Interesting. Yeah.
    Heh – and to think that Mitt is buttering-up Michele as a way to woo Teapers.
    Back Sunday. Have a good week-end Chuck.

  5. 2011/10/16 02:15

    Yeah, these folks (Kremer, Kibbe, Armey) are capitalizing on Tea Party uprising, rather than creating or leading it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they genuinely reflect the Tea Party ethos.

    Trying to sell us on Mitt Romney does not genuinely reflect the Tea Party ethos.


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