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President uses new found power to engage US in yet another African War


Prof. Clifford F. Thies asks: Where’s the national interest Mr. President?

Now we’re involved in what used to called “war” in Uganda. The President of the
United States, who we now know can decide who is to be executed by predator drone anywhere in the world, no matter that the person is a U.S. citizen, because that man needs to be killed, has now determined that a bunch of people are in need of being killed. This time, the place is Uganda, and the people needing to be killed are the members of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Last time, it was predator drone. This time, the President is sending in military advisors.

Combat equipped US forces; In Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Where was the Congressional permission for attacking and invading Libya – where we have military advisors, troops on the ground and naval assets engaged? Where was the Congressional process for going to war with Mexico and Honduras by supplying Sinaloa and MS13 drug cartels with thousands of rifles, ammunition, grenades and similar materiel?

The day is coming fast where America will decide that a bunch of people are in need of being impeached and tried for crimes including international terrorism and high treason.

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