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Jesus Diaz US Border Patrol Agent: 2 Year Prison Sentence for Arrest of Drug Smuggler: Mexican Gov’t Pushed for Prosecution


Here we goagain.

Jesus "Chito" Diaz

Our prayers for Jesus Diaz. And Compean and Ramos and the family of Brian Terry…

Thank-you Maggie.

. . .

UPDATE: More here at Washinton Times.

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  1. 2011/10/27 02:35

    Hey Ran, thanks right back. So sad, so disgraceful.

    • 2011/10/27 11:52

      …and the Gov’t thinks Border Agents will show “loyalty” to the brass when DOSJ pulls this kind of imoral stunt? They’re patriots, not pawns.

  2. 2011/10/27 07:28

    Cleared of any wrongdoing by the Border Patrol’s internal investigation, but prosecuted anyway by the federal government. Exculpatory evidence quashed by the court, and the drug smuggler who testified against him admitted lying to the jury in his own trial. The smuggler gets immunity and the man who arrested him gets two years. Despicable.

    England has made a practice of this – suppressing law enforcement and defending criminals. See how well it’s worked for them?

    • 2011/10/27 12:00

      It’s a repeat of the Ramos-Compean debacle – same MO by the Feds. Despicable indeed. Chito and those in his situation deserve full apologies, reinstatement and compensation. Heads should roll… Johnny Sutton’s would be a good start.

  3. Meg permalink
    2015/11/30 18:44

    Need a president who will void all these convictions.

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