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… and “Progressives” Constantly Warn that “Conservatives” Would Return American Society to a State of Nature


Tip o’ the hat to Libertarian Advocate:

GalliaWatch: OWS – The Latest Assault on the West

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Got Tea?

For those of you in foreign countries or even in America, who have heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been raging for weeks now all across America, but who are in the dark as to its deeper significance, this link to Looking at the Left should enlighten you. The photos are sensational and instructive, leaving little doubt that this is a radical left-wing, Communist engendered, anti-West, anti-American, anti-human protest, similar to but even bigger than many of the demonstrations of the ’60’s and ’70’s. They never stop. They never grow up. They never cease to aggrandize their own desires. Their egos never obtain satisfaction but from megalomaniacal goals which, if realized, would signal the end of all freedoms on this earth.

“The coming insurrection” they called it in Europe’s statist Left; the socialist intifada that would “liberate” the world.

We see in one corner a trapped, wounded animal collapsing of breath and will. They had a full century to run their social experiments. Hundreds of millions dead in war, hundreds of millions dead to abortion; Billions ill-educated in critical reasoning, history, individual responsibility… Most can’t even balance a cheque-book let alone manage personal affairs. The world is evolving, maturing past these clowns. Our concern ad interim is for the safety of those involved and for those whom they encounter.

Merçi Tiberge!

… and thanks L!

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