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Impeach Kagan Now.


Lied – blatantly – to Congress.

This needs to be coordinated.”  Really Elena!?   What a mess.

Thanks to Doug Ross.

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  1. 2011/11/20 18:36

    Impeached, disbarred, disgraced.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  2. 2011/11/20 19:27

    Me neither.

    While I’m in a foul mood, what the heck? Kagan may be the least of it. This Administration is so vastly corrupt the breadth and depth of it just staggers the mind. We will never get to tackle all of it nor will we ever bring these thugs completely to justice.

    Boy-Oh? Going after him once he’s been turfed from office will be labelled “banana-republic style punishing of enemies,” “gay-bashing,” blah blah blah. And THAT assumes a peaceful exit.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/11/21 17:18

    Well, can’t disbar him as he already resigned years ago. So too did the FLOTUS – under apparently rather strange circumstances.

    • 2011/11/21 19:04

      Can’t disbar him? OK, how about “enbarring” him – as in supplying multiple iron bars with a secure lock. And tossing the key. That’d be just fine, n’est-ce pas?

  4. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/11/23 02:39

    Watch him resign on on January 18th 2013 so Plugs can play Prez for a day. The price: A preemptive Presidential Pardon for all high crimes and misdemeanors known and unknown.

    • 2011/11/23 03:08

      I’ve been guessing the same thing too, though as a step-aside for Hillary. On his last day he’ll have Holder’s crimes covered. It’s the Chicago way.

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