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Glenn Reynolds v. Milton Friedman


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No cost, huh? (Mr. Friedman, sir! I believe that you are being challenged – Ed.)

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  1. 2011/12/05 14:24

    Does it cost more to buy something from Amazon as a result of clicking through another site?

  2. 2011/12/05 15:06

    “More?” Nope.

  3. 2011/12/05 20:27

    That’s an intriguing proposition you’ve implied. I happen to agree with Glenn in terms of the single transaction. The universal case can be made to counter, it but there is something really cool in the middle and that is that magical invisible hand that Adam Smith wrote about.

    Food for thought. What is the value of efficiency and is it outweighed by it’s “cost”?

  4. 2011/12/05 21:53

    Yes – got me thinking. Great response.

    You know, a first-go intuitive shot at value of efficiency v. cost might be a great place to begin a study of economics. (The homework never ends!)

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