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Movie Fail: Why Hollywood Sucks.


Planning to see ‘Iron Lady?’   (Neither am I. -Ed.)

Hollywood and America’s Left need “actors” and “editors” to re-cast historical figures – rather, to play “make believe.”   Problem is, we have plenty of tape in the record on Thatcher that would make great viewing, but it just doesn’t explain the “correct” narrative. So off they go into the land of spin.

Ditto Sarah Palin.  Who needs her when we have Julianne Moore and Tina Fey to show us how Sarah really is.  (I can see 2012 from my house. – Ed.)

All this while we have a cocaine-abusing gay-cruising constitution-trashing law-breaking Alinsky-Stalinist partying the Oval Office, and the best the Left can do is hit girls?!  Who needs screenwriters when reality is so completely absurd?

. . .

Here’s The Washington Times’ review.

…Here, her fight against left-wing orthodoxy is depicted as ferocious and honorable, with minimal time devoted to criticisms. One could be forgiven for guessing the filmmakers themselves were conservatives, if one didn’t know better.”  Whether this movie “fair” or not isn’t the point: Balanced fiction is still fiction.  It’s redundant. Worse, it reduces one of the 20th century’s most important records to two hours of bread and circus. Better to invest one’s time and treasure here.

. . .

Thanks Maggie Thornton!  (…and you too, Baroness Thatcher and Sarah Palin.)

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  1. 2012/01/15 03:52

    So the filmmakers are conservative. Who knew? Thanks ran!

    • 2012/01/15 04:10

      They’re not, but that’s not the issue. Not only have the Left run out of other people’s money, but they’ve run out of ideas, poor sods.

      “This is no time to go wobbly.”

      Cheers Maggie!

  2. 2012/01/15 04:15

    I see. I didn’t read correctly the first time. I was wondering how this came out of a conservative viewpoint if the reviews I’ve found are true. Conservatives would never overlook the accomplishments of this magnificent woman.

  3. 2012/01/15 18:36

    Hollywood is populated by talentless hacks. Gutless cowards really.

  4. 2012/01/16 03:45

    I avoid most all the “historically based” junk out of Hollywood these days, b/c one way or another, they usually botch it. Not sure which is worse, the one-sided agenda pushing or the terrible attempts at romance.

    Older son is excited about Red Tails coming out though–sure hope it’s not too disappointing.



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