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Dave Brubeck


This goes out to Stephen, Maggie and a gent called Luke…

. . .

The Dave Brubeck Quartet, at Carnegie Hall

. . .

This may just be the finest on-stage live-audience recording ever made. (Best I’ve ever heard.) Sure, the recording’s technical work was fine, but it was the magic. Brubeck & Co. were on fire.  December 1963.  In hi-fi stereo!

Dad had this record when I was a kid. Got back from college, ’round about when I met Kate. Dad let me pull this one from the shelf and spin ‘er up. I was in awe. I told Dad I finally understood why he liked it. He grinned.  Three to Get Ready…  Blue RondoTake Five.


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  1. Will permalink
    2012/02/17 02:57

    Ran, being a life long aficionado of jazz, I find this priceless. I grew up listening to my parents enormous jazz collection. Charlie Christian was the main reason I picked up guitar (there were many others as well) in the first place. But it was Brubek, and his alto sax player, Paul Desmond who set my senses on fire when I was four years old (back in the fifties! hahaha!)

    Check out this album cover that was in my folks collection. As a somewhat precocious kid of four, I thought the bar gal with red hot lipstick was hot then… and still do. I still have this Lp to this day.

    • 2012/02/17 03:09

      Wow! Thanks Will! No kidding. And she smokes, too! Hot is timeless. Right… where were we?

      Jazz. Red Hot and Cool. I’ll look for it.


  2. 2012/02/17 04:52

    Gosh, haven’t thought of Brubeck for many a year. Bet my hubby would love this too. Thanks! I really, really love Steven’s painting in your top right corner.

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