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Andrew Breitbart Passes


What a sad day.

Shalom, Andrew.  Many heartfelt thanks.

. . .

Fearless; outspoken.  Dangerous opponent.  A true Classical Liberal, a free man.

Via William Jacobson

. . .

“Natural causes.”  Perhaps.  What cause, specifically?

Did not Andrew have dinner in Chicago recently, a dinner with two of the ugliest murdering thugs in America?  A couple who see other peoples’ lives a commodities to use as needed to “higher” Social ends?

Andrew looked rough at CPAC.

I’d like to see a toxicology report.

. . .

More thoughts on Andrew at Legal Insurrection.

Thoughts from The Libertarian Advocate.

Matt Taibbi proves Andrew right. (Poor sod. – Ed.)

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  1. Will permalink
    2012/03/01 19:02

    Two of my favorite radio talk show hosts are Jason Lewis, and Jerry Doyle, yet I don’t think I would quite feel the loss for them, that I do with the passing of Andrew Breitbart. The man was hyper-focused, and fearless of the left in a way I don’t hear from even Rush, or other titans in the fight for securing the right philosophical ideas for America. RIP Andrew, my prayers are with your family, and others carrying on in your name.

  2. 2012/03/01 19:04

    With you. Thanks Will.

    I feel very grateful that G-d gave us Andrew as a role model.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/03/01 21:40


    It is a sad day for us. Though Andy would certainly demand we pick up the lance and soldier on, fearless of what befall us.

    Linked you at my site.


  1. Conservative Warrior Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43 | Maggie's Notebook

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