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Of Lowly Comparisons: Why Rush Limbaugh Must Apologize to Prostitutes and Sluts Everywhere


Prostitutes deal directly with their customers: There is no pretense of their request for payment as a compensation for feigned hardship or victimhood.

Sluts don’t attempt to deprive third-party private individuals or institutions of their First Amendment Religious Rights as a means of promoting their individual choices or moral decisions.

…and in a fluke of irony, even sluts and prostitues… at least on some level understand gratitude.

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  1. 2012/03/04 22:35

    Sluts and prostitutes aren’t political in nature. All money is green and for that service is rendered. This one gives it away for free…

  2. 2012/03/04 22:52

    If rubbers are “health care” now, what is toilet paper?

  3. 2012/03/05 03:12

    It was a serious question with serious logical implications. That lends flavor/ humor, but it isn’t a question that answers itself any more…sadly.

    What is a tampon if not an implement of health? Maxi pad? Fleet enema? Training bra?

    The light of honest logic needs to be reflected on what these assholes are saying. Draw them out and make them really say what they’re saying in plain language. Make them announce their degeneracy. They’ll do the heavy lifting if we give them the forum in which to do so.

    They ordered the code red and they want to say they did. Let them.

  4. 2012/03/06 15:20

    We need to stop all the giveaways. There are unfortunate women (taxpayers) who are slaves to their pimps (Government), and they cannot escapt the clutches of his illegal, mean-spirited power. The pimp provides everything and takes everything not needed to keep her alive. That’s where we find ourselves today. Ran, thank you!

    • 2012/03/06 15:44

      Well said Maggie.
      Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn (for example) that, say, Miz Fluke is lesbian… and that her “testimony” about the need for “contraception” and it’s debilitating, victimizing “cost” is a case of spontaneous conception?

      I’m disappointed that Rush would apologize. It had better turn out that Rush is playing rope-a-dope.

      Many thanks for the kind link! Honored!

  5. 2012/03/07 23:17

    Spot on! She’s more of a thief than a prostitute, LOL.

    I was disappointed by the apology too, but he’s a businessman who knows what he needs to do, I reckon. Did you see how Carbonite’s stock has suffered ever since this ridiculousness? The beauty of free market choices is that it can work both ways. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Media Matter types.



  1. Mark Levin on Rush Limbaugh Apology to Sandra Fluke: Tens of Millions Standing By Rush – Media Can Go To Hell | Maggie's Notebook

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