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Interview with documentary filmmaker Eric Allen Bell – at Libertarian Republican


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LR: [Thank you] for agreeing to do an interview with LR.

Firstly, can you briefly tell our readers what has happened to you in the last few weeks, with your ejection from Daily Kos, and why exactly that came about?

ERIC ALLEN BELL: In the summer of 2010, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, TN announced plans to build a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in a small county of around 100,000 people – very few of them Muslim…

Eric Allen Bell

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  1. 2012/03/10 13:46

    Shameless plugs for the master of libertarian Republican blogging will get you no where.

  2. Will permalink
    2012/03/14 01:38

    Geoff Metcalf interviewed Bell yesterday, on his radio show.

  3. 2012/03/26 03:49

    Really interesting Ran. Thanks. All it takes is being willing to see and think.

  4. 2012/03/29 22:05

    Very interesting! I hadn’t heard of this fellow, let alone his change of heart. Good on him! FYI, I lived in the ‘boro (where they are building that Mosque) for a couple years. Quaint lil town.


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