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TTAC: Hype and Hypertrophy: How Lamborghini Lost Its Man Card


Lamborghini as road kill: Jack Baruth brings out his field knife to do a postmortem on Lambo’s new Urus.

…And the cars those men made? They’ve been replaced by products, which are branded and marketed to “high net worth individuals”, our infamous one percent, existing within a safety net of corrupt banks, protective governments, and barriers to entry. The “heritage” those men manufactured on the fly has become a precious resource to be doled out by turtleneck-clad designers timidly riffing on the tracks cut by their betters long ago, like a club DJ spinning Parliament in scratches and squeaks because he never learned to play the bass himself.

. . .

Which leads me to the new Lamborghini SUV. [ … ] Naturally, it’s a complete joke, a pathetic attempt to make a Russian mafia wife’s shopping cart look like Batman’s Murci.

I wish I could disagree or quibble – but Jack is precisely on target. Please read the whole article. Jack begins with a brutally honest review of the status of masculinity in the West. It is entirely relevant to the discussion of the unfortunate Urus.

My readers understand that I possess limited patience for cheap drag.

Still… all is not lost.  Real sports vehicles may still be earned, built and enjoyed.

UPDATE: The Mustang as green gelding.

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  1. 2012/04/22 21:25

    Excellent article, that Jack Baruth. I agree with him. So it goes for most things that were worth while, whether it was the forefathers of this country, Lamborghini, or what passes for M1911 these days in some circles. It’s a dilution of original talent. Think of it as generational shift and decay. These exercises into “products”, “brands” and “DNA” are an effort to convince ourselves of our competence, meaning and relevance. Like the article alluded, if you have it, you don’t have to flaunt it. It just is. It’s authenticity.

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