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SolarTopia: When Gooooogle ads say more than we might want to know…



Nothing new under the sun, especially sun worship and ecofetishism.

Serious question: Have you ever met an eco-freak who wasn’t a self-absorbed ‘A’-type marxist-leninist? Every one this blogger has ever encountered has a disturbing narcissism jacked-up by a missionary’s enthusiasm to the Save! The! Planet! via government force. Why, windmills everywhere, that’s the answer! Er, no, not in their back yard. “They belong out on the prairies!” Uh-huh. Someone else’ back yard. I see.

Thanks G-d for ads… every now and then they blunder into reality. Let’s hear it for the future SolarTopia… Ra! Ra! Ra!

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/05/23 13:18

    Er, no, not in their back yard. “They belong out on the prairies!”

    Would that be a snarky reference to the Massachusetts political dynasty with property on Ma-tha’s Vinyahd? Hmmmm?


    • 2012/05/23 13:49

      Actually, that phrase is verbatim from a half-wit eco-flake who lectures on “multiculturalism” at an Army friend’s undergrad ROTC college.

      Yep, you guessed it, the college is located on the prairie. I ran into this guy once myself on a visit. Greasy long-haired moron tried to pick-up my daughter. That was another joke to share over beer.

      That the attitude reminds one of the Hyannisport Hyenas’ is telling.

  2. 2012/05/24 19:51

    Lucky me, I don’t think I’ve ever met a bona fide eco-nut in person.

    • 2012/05/24 20:08

      Hey Lin, dig below the surface of your local school board. But that’s why you home school. Lucky your kids, too!

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