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Kimberlin… and other observations of the Left’s implosion.


It’s not every day that an implosion is shown by the actions of a terrorist bomber, but what a day this is.  Fellow travelers Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser join convict Brett Kimberlin in an all-star cast.

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How “progressive” is terrorism, anyway?

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Dan Riehl has links and discussions of Brett Kimberlin’s background and activities.  (Quite the résumé. )

Patterico has a sobering  first-hand account.  Nasty, nasty stuff indeed.

So what’s going on?

Thanks for asking.  Please note Eric Dondero’s post: BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Socialist Party ties confirmed. (Pun aside,) radicals and social progressives don’t mix: All is not happy in Paradise.  What’s going on is an internal struggle for control of the future of the Left.

Of interest to yours truly is how the Left dropped it’s collective guard. (cough) “Progressives” are now tied inextricably to the violent radical faction that includes Kimberlin, Ayers, European anarchists and the Occupy cluster.  Gone are the days when fascist-progressives such as Roy Cohn made public spectacles of ideological rivals and radical communists like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.  Rapprochement seems to have begun on the anniversary of Lenin’s birthday April 22, 1970.  Erf Day.  All seems to have been chumsy on the Left up until about 2010. Forty years. Had a great run for a while.

The old rivalry has been reignited by the utter incompetence and failure of discipline of the radicals surrounding the Obama administration.  As Mad magazine noted satirically in 1961: “Times have changed, Bwana!

What we’re observing are the ripples at the surface of desperate struggles deep in the cesspool. The “Progressive” wing of the Left are chupped as Hell that the radicals – Obama, Van Jones & Co. cranked the frog pot too fast, too far and blew the lid off. No patience, no guile these amateurs.  The frogs are hopping mad.

The signs are everywhere. Colossal gaffe machine Biden appears to be scrambling to keep his job. Wealthy Progressives are not optimistically generous with the Obama campaign. In the mean time, Hillary’s husband has been on the air offering embarrassingly half-hearted endorsements for the incumbent. Madam Secretary herself is styling rather like Indira Ghandi.

Replacing Biden on the ticket isn’t going to suffice. Radical lumpectomy is indicated.

The Left’s message is out and its experiments are showing results. Revolutionary Communism failed in the USSR and it collapsed in China. European evolutionary “progressive” social democracy is failing in real time. Wherever the experiment fails, the Left are quick to point fingers at each other (and at Jews and “vast rightwing conspiracies” and and and.) It’s never the failure of their various ideologies’ assumptions.  But it’s too late: they’re linked by Ayers and Kimberlin and Occupy.

In the mean time, it’s like watching the Iran-Iraq war and hoping that they’ll wipe each other off the map.  A pox on both their houses.

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  1. 2012/05/26 16:40

    thankyou very much for a deeper look into what’s really going on. it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day, as the radical wing have been whipping up as much unlawful chaos as possible.


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