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“Republican” Libertarian gains enough signatures for US Senate – Maine


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From [LR Editor In Chief] Eric Dondero: We received word last night, that a friend of this website, a regular daily reader in fact, obtained the necessary signatures to gain a ballot spot for US Senate in Maine. Andrew Ian Dodge will be the Libertarian nominee for the seat. He had originally run in the Republican primary, challenging incumbent Olympia Snowe as the Tea Party standard-bearer. Dodge is a co-founder of the Maine Tea Party. But Snowe unexpectedly dropped out, and threw the race up in the air. He decided to go for the sure thing, and run as a Libertarian. Dodge hired longtime libertarian Republican ballot drive coordinator and ME Republican Liberty Caucus vice-chair Stravos Mendros to head up the effort. It got dicey towards the end. But last night we were informed by Andrew, that Stravos and crew got well over the amount needed to qualify. Andrew texted LR late last night with the news. And issued this statement:

“I am pleased to report that Dodge for Senate submitted 4183 signatures to Maine Secretary of State this morning. I want to thank all those who helped gather the signatures across Maine.”

Former two-term Governor Angus King will be running as an Independent. The Democrats have a couple candidates, but with King in the race, they are not expected to poll well. The Republicans have two candidates vying for the nomination, neither of whom is a well-known commodity. Andrew is not your typical Libertarian, nor is he your typical Republican. Though he has a great deal of support from Ron Paulists in Maine, he is a diehard pro-defense Libertarian on foreign policy. He is deeply committed to fighting islamism and has seen first hand the damage that Islamism has inflicted on Britain. On social policy he’s a strong drug legalization advocate, pro-alcohol, and a free speech activist. An American citizen first, he has strong ties to Great Britain. He has written science fiction books, and is a champion gamer. From his Bio:

Whether it was working with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to fight the encroaching power of the European Union and its globalist allies, or standing for a stronger defense of Western countries through the UK Bow Group, or helping to found the Maine Tea Party Patriots in 2009 and organizing the first Tea Party event in Maine, Andrew has never shied away from a fight when the principles of American conservatism are on the line. Andrew Ian Dodge believes the Founding Fathers fought the most consequential battle for freedom in history. He should know; his family was there. The Dodges have been in Maine since the 1700s when it was part of Massachusetts. In 2007 Andrew came face to face with that legacy when he married the actress Kim Benson in a chapel built by his grandfather and uncles on Ocean’s point. Andrew learned the importance of hard work and family values from his father Arthur Dodge. Arthur, the son of a lobster man and ship builder, worked tenaciously for 31 years until he had become a major player at Texaco. But when Arthur’s family needed him he returned to Maine and spent the rest of his life working to make sure that the beauty of his home state was preserved for his children.

LR Editor’s note – We wish Andrew the best. He represents the best of what this website is all about. You can help

[Amen! – Yours truly.] Please… kick a few quid his direction.

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