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Beyond the Margin of Fraud: A Note to Teapers.


A net 172,000 votes for Walker out of 2,500,000 cast.  Turnout was heavy – something like 119% in Madison City alone.

Polls consistently trumpeted that this election was “Too Close To Call” etc., etc.  Why then did Barack Hussein Obama Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! play hopscotch like a school kid to avoid giving aid and comfort to Barrett?  Barrett reached out on several occasions. Yet, help… never came.

Alas, the Won knew. Democrats’ internal numbers determined that Barrett would never be close; the margin of fraud wasn’t large enough to guarantee a “victory.”  The Won takes no risks with his own capital. He knew he would be tied to Barrett’s loss. If Barrett couldn’t pull a Franken, he wasn’t going to pull in the President.

Sir Isaac Newton showed us long ago that there are some tugs, like gravity, that can not be ignored.  Despite his artful dodging, the Won’s trajectory is changed; this was November in June.  American Liberalism’s Cretaceous Period will come to an end as Comet Teleprompter comes crashing to Earth in five long, long months from now. The dinos are toast.

A lesson Teapers can draw is that every vote must be considered vital.  Do NOT get cocky.

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