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The Left employs ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ to the Obama debac Presidency.


Recall the Three R’s. (No, the Left’s revisionist ar’s… Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.  They don’t teach the other Three in schools these days.  Right.  Where was I?  Ah, yes…)  There are examples of each aplenty.  Here are a few:

Reduce:  expectations of competence.

…President Obama acknowledged Friday that the United States is not creating jobs fast enough and warned of “serious headwinds” outside the nation’s control that continue to hamper the economic recovery.


Reuse:  excuses for failure. In 2002 the Kerry campaign bemoaned that “We didn’t get our message out.” Fast-forward to the present: Obama: My biggest mistake was failing to ‘tell a story’ to American public.

As he campaigns for re-election, President Obama is ruminating over the biggest mistake of his [one] term — and it might surprise supporters and critics alike.

In the president’s view, he has not been a good enough storyteller [sic!], putting policy goals ahead of laying out a clear narrative for the American public.


Recycle: WASHINGTON POST: Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East. The proverbial ‘bus’ is plenty big enough to grind-up anything thrown beneath it.

“The way Obama managed the Israeli-Palestinian issue exhibited many of the hallmarks that have defined his first term. It began with a bid for historic change. But it foundered ultimately on his political and tactical misjudgments, on a lack of trusted relationships and on an outdated view of a conflict that many of his closest advisers imparted to him. And those advisers — veterans of the Middle East peace issue — clashed among themselves over tactics and turf.”

The Left never blames ideology for it’s failures when ad hominem is at hand. It’s always the idiots who clashed over turf and ego compounded by the personal failures of their leadership.  Per Alinsky, they will eventually but quietly destroy Obama.  Thus while the media is covering the Left’s incompetence, Obama is making excuses and these while his supporters are tossing The Won under the bus.


Heh!  Just in time: More Obama-chucking under that big foreign-made bus by Democrat Senators, courtesy of the Liberty Belle.


The Left: Out of ideas, and now out of other peoples’ money.  Time they were run out of town.

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  1. 2012/07/17 20:18

    Thanks for the nice link Ran, and my apologies for taking so long to get here. Wonder if the WP is saying Obama failed to continue to try to force Israel to move back to the 1967 borders?


  1. Top Dem Senators Have All Told Me Obama Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing – Horrified Democrat Senate Leaders | Maggie's Notebook

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