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Roadwork Ahead


Dear Reader,
There is something reassuring in the desperation of Elizabeth Warren’s diatribes and in Obama’s near verbatim parroting.

For starters, Warren’s approach is at once both condescending and defensive. Insecurity is rattling her and the entire Left. (I love the smell of desperation in the morning.)

This used dump-truck called “socialism” in all it’s model variations is out of gas. It once got lousy mileage – in days past when it seemed to work. Even stuck on the road today going nowhere it’s very, very expensive to own. Every attempt at “progress” just makes it heavier and less affordable. Problem for the Left is that the buyers have caught on. It’s not going to work.

Sure, free-loaders and parasites in the back seat keep looking “forward” and see the American Dream just ahead. By voting for the drivers up front, they’ve been sold a free ride. Via government coercion, the rest of us are required to pay for it all.

What the drivers and riders refuse to admit is that this damned thing can’t run on it’s own… it has to be pushed from behind. There are fewer and fewer of us back here pushing. It has become the social version of the ‘perpetual motion machine.’ Why, they tell us, if we’d all just cooperate… It doesn’t work.

Fauxcohantas, however, is in the cab trying her damnedest to convince us that it works and that the problem is that we, back here, are not pushing hard enough. Excuse me? It can’t work.

Now, with years of teleprompter mentoring and practice under his belt, the best GinC can do off-prompter to explain the American Dream is to awkwardly riff Lieawatha’s talking points about roads and bridges. There is a pathetic amateur comedy to it. Anything to make the sale… and it isn’t working.

Those of us pushing understand the strategy: The whole point is to have everyone jump in so that Imemymineous & Company can weld the hinges. This thing was never supposed to work… it’s purpose is to fail.

It’s a trap. Now that we understand what lays before us, there is work to be done…

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/07/19 10:39

    Hi, I’m Ba Ba Ba … Barack Obama and I need you to fall for my jive just one more time.

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