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Got Tea?


Do you know Trey Radel?

. . .

NAPLE NEWS: Trey Radel, victorious in FL 19 primary

. . .

You will, soon.  He is part of a new generation of libertarian-inspired conservative and constitutionalist activists in the mold of Michele Bachmann and Alan West.  Congratulations, Trey!

Victory, Teapers! Victory!

Update: More here at Libertarian Republican

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  1. 2012/08/15 18:44

    A rising tide; I just hope it’s not too late.

    • 2012/08/15 18:57

      Tide? Well, ‘tsunami‘ starts with ‘tea,’ Steven! The Ryan pick was huge; It simultaneously encouraged Republicans whilst casting gloom on Demos’ expectations. Bachmann and West both won their primaries. Ditto Cruz for the Senate. Mandel is running strong in Ohio.

      As for too late, that’s another set of questions. With you.

  2. 2012/08/16 01:49

    I’ve said for years that I think it will take collapse in order to wake the people of this country. Thing is, what is collapse? In a country like ours, what does it look like. Maybe we’ve already done it and are coming back. What if? The idea tickles my tummy. 🙂


  1. Allen West Florida 18 GOP Primary Winner: West Faces Democrat “neo-eco-friendly-socialist-marxist” Patrick Murphy in November | Maggie's Notebook

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