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InfoWars, like HuffPo, gets something right now and then…

they took notice of Shark Tank’s post: TSA ‘Reaches’ Out at Paul Ryan Event

You’re in the best of hands.

No thanks.

Tip o’ the hat to Jim the Right Guy and kudos to Shark Tank’s Javier Manjarres.

UPDATE:  Time to abolish DHS – all of it.

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  1. macmanjim permalink
    2012/08/23 13:13

    This is nuts. Romney’s second job after killing Obamacare is to kill the DHS. Big brother is here.

  2. macmanjim permalink
    2012/08/23 14:36

    At least Janet Incompetano will be unemployed next year.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/08/23 18:21

    What would the Framers think of us? Massive disappointment I suspect.

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