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Guns Belong ONLY in the Hands of “Experts,” huh?


Police are all too human.

“Gunman kills 1 at Empire State Building, 9 wounded”   […some time later, apparently by inaccurate police fire. – Ed.]

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Tip o’ the hat to MacManJim.  Thanks!

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/08/24 20:33

    Too many police are woefully under-trained in firearms handling. Add crowded sidewalks and a super high stress situation to inadequate training and collateral casualties are inevitable. I’d say it would be better to equip most beat officers with tasers, and leave firearms to much more highly trained cops.

  2. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/08/25 14:34

    I’m not suggesting that your mind should be put at ease, I’m saying only that replacing certainly lethal weapons with substantially less lethal ones is a route that ought seriously be considered given the increasingly apparent deficient training officers receive with firearms.

    Incompetently researched and/or executed no knock warrant searches are a whole other ballgame. I would definitely support strict liability for both individual officers (and their employing municipalities) who execute bad/wrong address warrant takedowns. We might all be surprised just how right they get them if their immunity for errors evaporates.

  3. 2012/08/26 18:13

    Ah yes, the experts. Whether they are experts in guns, homeland security, medicine, or education, seems we’re in the midst of a tyranny of experts lately. Cheers, my friend.


    • 2012/08/26 18:19

      “Tyranny of experts.” Perfect! Thanks Lin. I’ll steal that phrase, if ‘sOK wiff you!

      • 2012/08/26 18:23

        Of course you may use it. LOL it sounds like the enemy of the “Army of Davids.” And I’m glad you like it. It really does sum up the way the modern American left pushes us around, isn’t it? The use of “expertise” to insist on regulating almost every single area of life.

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