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RINOs Resist Extinction: A Conventional View of Irrelevance


It ain’t Isaac. It ain’t Code Pu Pink. It ain’t even the Paulbots…

Danger Will Robinson!  The RNC, fearing it’s Libertarian and Tea insurgents, is attempting to delay the inevitable with Convention Rule changes that

…would give the Republican National Committee unprecedented centralized authority over the presidential nomination process, overriding the autonomy of the states and their long established electoral traditions.

Morton Blackwell weighs in.

Libertarian Republican couldn’t give a sweet flying [er, hoot.]

The RNC Committee votes later today.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/08/29 13:38

    McMahon – Shays Primary race: 74 – 26. Now THAT is a crushing repudiation of RINOism; more than a little interesting that this happened in formerly deep-blue CT.

    (Note: Its not that I believe McMahon is a lava red conservative. Its more like the voters repudiated Shays and simultaneously sent a message to McMahon Tow The Damn Line or get the Shays treatment in six years)

    • 2012/08/29 13:53

      I don’t see it like that at all… McMahon is *no* Conservative – not by Tea standards. She’s best understood as a social liberal on a budget; a classical RINO, whereas Shays has the markings of a full-blown statist totalitarian. Let’s put it this way: One would be hard-pressed to identify an issue where McMahon is the the libertarian right of JFK. (OK, maybe pot. Maybe.) Repudiation of RINOism? From the view out here in flyover country, it looks more like entrenchment.

      • Libertarian Advocate permalink
        2012/08/29 14:08

        YOS: Seems you ignored my second paragraph altogether. Is it wishful think? Perhaps. Yet Shays’ primary trouncing leaves open the possibility that my “Note” interpretation is correct. Anyway, we shall see….

      • 2012/08/29 14:27

        I misunderstood what you ment by “tow the line.” My bad. In any case, she’s better than evil, and in her favor, how she behaves in the Senate may yet prove to be, well, an improvement. It’s just that the closet queen really digs her. Dunno if it’s the diva complex or whether she’s a kindred corrupt piece of work. We shall see.

  2. 2012/08/30 22:19

    The only thing that matters in the Senate is party. That sounds cynical, but all a senator does is vote. They do pretty much nothing else. Legislation comes from the House. It’s boneheaded to require some ideological test in the Senate. Pretty good is the same as excellent when all you have to do is vote with your side.

    • 2012/08/30 22:37

      (Unless your last name is McCain. Or Snowe. Or Brown. Or Lugar. Or Specter. Or Voinovitch. Or Graham. Or Nelson. Or Chafee. Or Collins. Or Murkowski. Or your last name starts with a letter from the alphabet.)

      • 2012/09/01 21:00

        Look at their voting records. All republicans (even the worst ones) have a history of hanging with their party most all of the time. Just sayin’

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