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More Fundraisers Than Intel Briefings. Glitch… or Feature?


Maggie’s Notebook.  “Please read the whole thing.™”

There’s a clear pattern of negligence from the last three and a half years that rather points to deliberate passive-aggressive malfeasance.  (That’s a euphemism for ‘treason,’ is it not? – Ed.)  Damn right it is.

Steven Givler has related thoughts.

Glenn Reynolds expands.

Ace: Flaming skull.

Yos… gets specific.

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  1. 2012/09/14 17:44

    Thanks! Did you hear about Gen. Dempsey’s latest?

    • 2012/09/14 18:08

      The incoming CinC has got to make a public firing of Dempsey and pull a few stars. Dumpers may have a right as a private citizen to call another. As CJCS he has no right whatsoever.

      Better if the islamists began to “back-off” Christians and Jews.

      Thanks – great weekend, Maggie.


  1. No Intel Briefing for Obama Since Sept 5: Sept 11 No Threat – More Fundraisers Than Intel Briefings | Maggie's Notebook

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