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Wherein I Agree With Ann Althouse…


No, it isn’t helpful to dance to The Won’s angry tune,

especially while there’s a real war on.
(Thanks L.A! – Ed.)

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  1. 2012/10/03 19:47

    Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me. Playing tape of a politician is hardly “dancing”. Althouse is a typical Brakabama apologist when it comes to matters such as this,

    • 2012/10/03 20:41

      We have a disaster brewing in the ME – and the WH “releases” a controversial re-hash? It’s dancing indeed if the more important issues are being ignored.

      Hell, our entire missions have been pulled from so-called “allies” such as Yemen. UAR is massing for war along the Sinai border. Our ambassador was just rape-murdered along with three other Americans. The Turks and the Soddies are pissing their pants because the Mahdis in Iran want the Turk “moderates” and the “Sunni blasphemers” to burn in Hellfire – such flame soon within their reach.

      Ohhh loook – Obama fakes an urban accent!?

  2. 2012/10/04 12:14

    It may seem insignificant – and even distracting from more important issues – but I think seeing someone openly race-baiting is enlightening. If anyone is undecided, and I can’t imagine how they could be at this stage, I would think that showing them this glimpse behind the mask might help them make up their minds. If there’s anything ugly to be seen here, it’s what’s being said in the clip, not the fact that someone is making the clip available for public viewing.

    Yes, there are much more important issues, and I long for the day when they are effectively brought to light, but I think conservatives have pulled their punches for far too long, for fear of seeming ugly.

    Sometimes – and often – the truth is ugly, but the result of hiding the truth is usually even uglier.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2012/10/04 23:09

    ” It’s dancing indeed if the more important issues are being ignored.”

    Ignored by whom? By what metric do you measure such a fart fuck supposition? What’s being ignored by pointing out that in addition to being a failure at everything, Brakabama is also a race-baiting bigot?

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2012/10/06 18:26

    There is no such thing as “news” in a campaign. There is the case to be made and there is the evidence used to make it. Anything that reveals what a degenerate Brakabama is constitutes legitimate evidence. There is no sound reason to leave anything out.

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