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BenghaziGate: Was This An Attempt at “GunWalking” The First Amendment?


Deja vu?  … Blame the actions of barbarians on a video?

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2012/10/11 18:52

    Whats really sick about this is that there was no protest. There was a response to a military attack by al Qaeda. The work had already been done. What ensued after was basically a typical Arab car swarm.

    • 2012/10/11 19:01

      Watergate was “high crime.” This is one is just “poor intel.” (In fairness, they got the “lack of intelligence” part sorta right…)

  2. 2012/10/13 07:31

    It makes me sick that we can even be having this conversation – comparing F&F to Benghazi and having to ask if they result from stupidity or an evil attempt to sabotage our rights.

    Did you see Clapper’s “don’t blame me? Intel is hard,” speech? What an embarrassment. If there were ever (and there never will be) a Clapper action doll, that is what he would say when you pull his string. “Intel is hard!”

    • 2012/10/14 01:20

      You know, Steven, that reminds me of the talking Barbie doll from a few years back. One of her phrases was “Math is hard!”

      He’s right of course – there was a massive failure of intelligence. His, Hillary’s and the Affirmative Action Student in Chief’s.

      As to the attempt, I wouldn’t have asked if our Teleprompter in Chief hadn’t blurted weasel words to the UN. “Aid and Comfort,” I vaguely recall, is the standard for something…

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