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We Really Ought to Name Tsunamis


Further to thoughts from our friends at Libertarian Republican and Kn@ppster:

2:1 odds favoring Obama?

Not so fast.

We name hurricanes. We should name tsunamis: There was the Reagan and then the Gingrich of the ’80s. We had the Tea tsunami in ’10. We’re about to witness the Romney.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2012/10/18 16:47

    How do the Arabs say it? In’ch’Allah?

    • 2012/10/19 00:12

      Arabs *I* know reference to their Lord and Savior, this pagan “allah” thing being so seventh century…

      Right. Anyway, these aren’t shaping up to be the salad days of statist-progressivism.

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