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jihad is jihad. Unholy War is Not “Workplace Violence.


Supporting the troops means more than sending care packages.  Sometimes it means something as simple as insisting that words reflect reality, and that political correctness take a back seat to the mission.

Steven Givler: “The other tragedy is that the cowardice continues with the attack being officially called, not terrorism, not an act of war, but “workplace violence.” If you think it’s just a matter of words, consider this. Although the soldiers were in uniform, and had reported to that station in preparation for deployment, and despite the fact that Hassan had been instructed by al-Awlacki that terror was an instrumental part of jihad – despite the fact that these people were wounded and killed in the line of duty, not a single one of them will receive a Purple Heart or any of the benefits that should be attached to being wounded or killed in action.


Maggie Thornton: “The word ‘offended’ has become offensive to me. It has become a battle cry in my mind. With Benghazi, we are told an anti-Islam film was offensive to Muslims. Obama was “offended” that his White House was accused of leaking classified information in the bin Laden raid. In last week’s Hofstra Townhall debate Obama told Romney he was “offended” at the suggestion his administration mislead the country on Benghazi. Are only Muslims allowed to be offended? The wounded in the Fort Hood massacre speak out in the video below. They are hurting physically, mentally, financially and finding time to be offended is beneath their dignity.

Muslim Jihadist Nidal Hasan to be Forcibly Shaven: Wounded Ft. Hood Victims Denied Benefits – FBI Continues Scrubbing “Offensive” References to Islam

Scrubbing “offensive” references to islam and jihad? Perhaps it would be more productive to scrub certain assignments and budgets at the FBI. It’s definitely time to scrub the present Administration and CinC. There’s a War on, and our people are being murdered and raped – and the public servants charged with our protection are providing strategic aid and moral comfort… to the enemy.

Tar? Feathers? Firing squads.


Update:  Hugh Hewitt on Obama’s collapsing presidency and the meaning of words:

The president of course has his passionate supporters. These are the same people that spent last Tuesday night declaring him the winner of his second meeting with Mitt Romney, and Wednesday and Thursday trying to infuse the word “binder” with game-changing significance.

They are the same people who spent Friday denying that “not optimal” was not a big deal.

“Binder” –big deal. “Not optimal” –no deal at all. That’s the state of the Obama campaign: A nearly Orwellian effort at making some words matter and others disappear while facts are pushed aside. It hasn’t worked. It won’t work.

No, it will not, indeed.

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  1. 2012/10/21 01:08

    Or a .45 COM, multiple times or Mozambique pattern if so inclined.

    • 2012/10/21 01:27

      Well, to paraphrase* Col. Jeff Cooper: There is no substitute for shot placement.
      (*may actually be a quote.)

  2. 2012/10/21 19:16

    As Obama reminded us as he plagarized Deval Patrick “words matter.” Michelle Obama told supporters in Wisconsin that “all our kids matter,” while millions are being aborted using taxpayer funding. “Words” have no meaning to either of them. Words are just tools to shape their futures. And I hope “words” do just that, in a most humiliating manner on November 6th. Thanks so much for the quote and link!


  1. Muslim Jihadist Nidal Hasan to be Forcibly Shaven: Wounded Ft. Hood Victims Denied Benefits – FBI Continues Scrubbing “Offensive” References to Islam | Maggie's Notebook

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