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Reynolds: ‘Sunday Reflection: The ground-glass election’


“Romney was not my first, second, or third choice, but I will crawl over ground glass to vote for him.

A lot of Republicans — and, judging from polls, a lot of independents — feel this way. If there are enough of them, Romney will win, and win big.

This in Ohio, a “close” race.

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  1. 2012/11/04 13:43

    I believe they call that “ground game”.

  2. 2012/11/04 18:49

    Hey Chuck, I’m not familiar with the term. Makes sense.

    The thing is, polsters use the turn-out models from ’04 and ’08. The math has changed: ’10 would be a much more realistic model. If anything, ’10 may not be adequate. If ground game is the key, then this will be a clear mandate election beyond margin of corruption.

  3. 2012/11/04 23:53

    I dig the chord you strike, brother.

    Prepare to bask…momentarily. Thank the Author of our universe and then get back to it.


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