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Armed Guards at Schools: Exactly the Wrong Way To Go, NRA.


Update: Heh. Penn Jillette surrounded by blithering twits.

Update: Findalis at Maggies’ place has a few additional observations. Oz is short a few wizards, apparently.

Update: Ron Paul has related thoughts (courtesy of ZeroHedge)

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Wayne LaPierre lands one off target.  So far off, one hardly knows how to dial him back onto paper.  And…
…right on cue, The New York Post notes that one school district took the NRA up on its advice.  But of course.

“With this new evil, you can’t just sit there and hope that it doesn’t happen in your town. We must protect our kids.”

Recall Quinn’s First law: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.”  A school district with professional armed guards on grounds.  Let’s see what we have here:

– Another layer of administrative expense, funded by the taxpayer. 

– A discrete, visible layer of armed authorities, patrolling school grounds. 

– Another layer of union activity, funding local campaigns. 

So I ask you, dear reader, what could possibly go wrong?

For starters, what’s wrong is the notion that we can fob-off our responsibility to defend our young and our selves onto “professionals.”

Worse, raising kids in an environment where they are taught that only those who have the authority to police may have the right of defense, even a monopoly on violence.

Then there’s the reality learned at Virginia Tech:  Armed SWAT squadies, decked to the neck with gear and vests… showing up late to the dance, huddled like timid kittens outside while a single freak kept up shot after reload after shot.  Kill after kill after kill after kill.  Our brave armed pros made their way into the zone after the creep had expired to make sure the paperwork was properly filed.  But don’t mess with them, folks… they’re professionals.

There is also the valuable intel available to a perp: If someone is not in blue dress-up, they’re not dangerous.  (It’s a totally different scenario walking into a Starbucks where the gal behind you might well be packing.) Neutralize the blue guy and everyone else is… all. yours.

Wayne LaPierre is dead wrong on armed guards. Is there a better choice? Yours truly has no easy answers.  Certainly the permission to carry and general knowledge that a school area is a shall-carry zone will have a deterrent effect. The mere possibility of unmarked armed guardians makes the objective all that more perilous for a criminal. There are the lessons of personal and civic responsibility for our children, the huge savings in cost and the less complex political budget issues. The difficulties of personal carry and privacy and secrecy and regular training for those adults who choose to carry. It is an awesome, terrible responsibility.

What we know from ugly experience is this: When lives are irreplaceable and seconds precious, the “pros” are always mere minutes away.

Hug your kid.

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  1. 2012/12/29 23:36

    yep. You got that right, Ran. I’m a lifetime NRA member, but I often think they miss the point. Like any institution, I think their goal has become self-perpetuation, which is slightly different from defending the Second Amendment.

    More importantly, you put your finger on the real point – people need to take responsibility for defending themselves and their families. One quick glance at the TSA should remind us all that those we pay to keep us safe are not necessarily up to the task.

    • 2012/12/29 23:43

      Thanks Steven. “Self perpetuation.” There’s a thought. Competition – especially from a smart competitor – might be good for the NRA?

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