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The genius of ‘White Christmas’ – and Liberal Blindness of ‘Conservative’ Rich Lowry


The genius of ‘White Christmas’, huh, Rich? Perhaps it’s less than you think.

Mr. Lowry, you forgot to mention two extremely important things, concepts important to Christians everywhere: Nowhere in your article do you acknowledge that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. No small matter. Neither anywhere in your article do you mention Christ. Sorry, Rich, old son, but there is in fact a Reason for the Season. Which leads to the second point:

Indeed, these omissions are a huge flaw in the song ‘White Christmas’ too… ironically sanitized to ‘White’ by keeping the bathwater and tossing the Baby. (Just saying, pal.)  All the snowy sentimentalism notwithstanding, ‘White Christmas’ can fairly be said to have contributed to the Progressive corruption of Christian identity of America.  You might have brought up the point?

The irony of the son of a [Jewish] cantor writing the characteristic American Christmas song is obvious.” Really? As an Orthodox Jew, I’m rather defensive of my Christian neighbors.  The irony of a “Conservative” writer and editor of a major Conservative publication who can’t see the forest for the snow on the Christmas tree leaves me cold.

I’ll forgive Berlin. He was Jewish, and he wasn’t in an age when Christians and their Faith were under assault. You? You, Rich, live in a different age, at a time when you in particular ought to know better. Progressive Cancer is everywhere.  Classical Liberal Faith – Christian and Jewish –  is under attack on two major fronts – from pagan Earth-worshipers seeking power from within and pagan desert-god worshippers seeking power from without.

To be a Conservative means to hold to certain values and to defend those values at all cost.  Did you even bother yesterday to attend church, Mr. Lowry?

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  1. 2012/12/27 02:02

    I don’t get the beef, brother. Christmas is an American holiday. There is a religious significance, of course, but it’s simply foolish to argue that the profound omnipresence of Christmas in America is purely a matter of religious devotion.

    Besides, to we who believe in a Triune God, Jesus was there before the formation of the world. His “birth” was the fulfillment of a promise made to Adam. (Who was not a Jew, by the way.:) )

    Christmas’ secular place in American life should be preserved if you ask me. We are a Christian nation. That’s not a value judgment. Its simply is who America is. We aren’t a Jewish nation or a Hindu nation. If we were, America would look nothing like she does. It is our Christian founding that made us a light unto the world.

    As far as assault goes, Jews and Christians are under assault by the same people these days and for the same reason…virtue. The very notion of virtue is our common heritage. It doesn’t mean nearly as much in other faiths. Our problem is a political one. We’re popular top hate right now. Then again, maybe we’ve always been popular to hate and the difference is in who’s holding the megaphone right now

    • 2012/12/27 03:07

      Thanks for your input, Chuck. I’d never looked at it that way.

      My beef is with Lowry. It was important to him that Berlin was Jewish… but one Jewish kid, somewhat central to the theme, didn’t even get a mention. Lowry does have an irritating way of tripping past first principles.

      I see your point about the importance of Christmas’ secular place in American life.

      May 2013 be a good year for you and your family. Cheers.

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