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JPFO: Blessings and Shalom


Shalom means “peace” though it’s greater meaning is “complete.” There must always be Justice before Peace; though Justice can survive without Peace… Peace is impossible without Justice.

Our friend Libertarian Advocate brings us Rabbi Dovid Bendory’s message on the moral underpinnings of “gun control.”  Notes LA:

As a Gentile, I have long been entirely mystified by the propensity of so many American Jews to be anti-gun ownership, especially in light of the Nazi perpetrated mass murder and ethnic cleansing known as the Holocaust. It seems as if they have, in the space of 60 years – a lifetime really – completely forgotten their own terrible history. – LA


To which I would remind our Gentile friends that Jews were fewer than half of the Holocaust’s victims.  Most victims were Gentile – six out of every ten!  That part of your history must always be remembered, too.

Please see the full video over at LA’s.

To our friend LA, Baruch u’Shalom.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/01/15 15:33


    תודה וברכות שלום לכם ולמשפחתך, כמו גם

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