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The Good, the Bad… and the Uuutt-Buuugly.


It’s as if Sergio Leone went into business with George Orwell, yes?

We are witness in these days to a three-way stand-off between distinct competing ideologies: In this scene, there will be but one survivor, for none may flourish while the other two gain. It is very much a societal zero-sum death-match.

American Democracy – properly, American constitutional republicanism; Liberty – had been asleep for a century or more. With apologies to Winston Churchill, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” – the worst form of Democracy being the thoroughly anti-systematic American; Relying upon Providence for Individual Natural Rights and Duties, “the animating contest of Liberty” is reawakening. It faces two enemies, both of which are deeply embarrassed by Liberty’s productivity and potential.

On the Left: European Liberalism – properly, Wolves and Sheep Debating What’s for Lunch – is awake but suffering over the past century and a half from slow cultural and demographic suicide.  Oooops. Never mind, the Rhodes’ Scholars have it all figured out. Even the Chinese are on-board with their own cheap knock-off of Il Duce’s drug.  Why settle for self-governance when big-government is so much “smarter?” It all works swimmingly. Well, except for that part where the great experiment in social engineering and “comprehensive doctrines” is failing miserably to provide the next generation of social engineers and the replacement drones to pay for it all. Mere details.  But oh! Social Justice without that pesky Creator and all His silly rules is rather fun. While it lasts.

Then, on the Right… there is Big Mo and his monolatric Camel-lot.  Mortally fears the Great Satan and their little sister Israel.  Looks down his nose at the EUnuchs and Xino-fascists. After all, there is nothing quite like a pagan desert god telling one to convert, enslave or slaughter the neighbors.  You get to use swords ‘n everything! It pleases the desert god, you understand.  Yes, and one’s reward shall be dominion over semi-dehumanized women, female and male children are your sexual property and of course, the command to run about killing Jews.  For those with a bent towards suicide, the reward is scads of doe-eyed perpetual virgin slaves in Paradise and all the booze and ham sandwiches one can’t have in this life. Tax-free, habibi!  What could possibly be wrong with all that?  Besides… who needs to make a living?  And anyway, you like ham.  Admit it.

There you have it. Right, there’s a catch: This isn’t a spectator event. Like it or not, you’re with one of the three and your offspring will suffer the fate of your choice. Choose well.

[Perhaps you need a new tag: “My! Aren’t we a ray of sunshine this morning!?” – Ed]

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/01/17 15:40

    Now THAT was an epic rant!

  2. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/01/21 00:11

    Gee, looks almost as if FWIW’s Walt wrote that, especially the bit about the hallucinating desert wanderer.

    • 2013/01/21 12:55

      Walt’s a hoot.

      That nasty desert hallucination must be mocked for what it is: a cheap monolatric pagan knock-off of Western ethical monotheism. It’s pathetic that in the passing centuries, they have had absolutely nothing to offer us in the way of philosophy, theology, science or even manufactured goods. We get figs and dates now and then, and oil – found by the West and refined here. Everything they have has been stolen at swordpoint from others.

      At one time, the West at least gained manhood from standing and repulsing them. Today, not so much. They can have their Blonde Sheik – when he acquires room temperature.

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