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Google Goes Evil


BlogSpot/Blogger/Google has denied access to Gates of Vienna. Google caves to sharia infected complaints? Fine… there are alternatives out there.

To our friends still using the Blogger & Google platforms, please stop feeding the beast?

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  1. 2013/01/21 15:33

    Google has always been evil. It’s founders are socialists at heart.

  2. 2013/01/23 12:23

    Socialism, in theory, shouldn’t involve bending to the demands of Satan’s minions. It would be more accurate to say they’re leftists. There is a difference after all.

    • 2013/01/23 15:42

      That’s the problems with theory, it’s not reality. Socialism by it’s nature is authoritarian. It has to be, especially in melting pot nations where people have differing opinions. Not everyone wants to be a Farm Animal®.

  3. 2013/01/23 15:09

    Thanks guys!

  4. 2013/01/23 23:47

    Yep. Heard this today. I now will not post on a goooooogle blog. (Sorry, Eric.)

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