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Obama Fired General Matis Without Bothering to Tell Him.


Classy, no?

A fiasco when Bush wouldn’t listen to his generals, a bold demonstration of leadership and genius when done by the Messiah…

There comes a point, yes?

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  1. 2013/01/28 01:55

    One more down. We indeed will soon have Obama’s military, if we don’t already.

    • 2013/01/29 02:41

      The shame of it too was that General Mattis was about to retire. Only a few more months to go. This act was Obama being a bully; flipping the bird as a rude, insecure – and I believe, self-destructive fool.

      From what I could tell at a distance, the military ranks and Staff were, in the beginning, skeptical but patient, on the whole. Today… what precious little trust and capital this GinC enjoyed is spent and now in the red. Beyond a few MuBro agents , I’m not sure he has a lot of “follerme” left. Dunno, but my guess is that GinC knows, objectively, that the odds increase daily that he may well be impeached and tried and that he has nowhere to go but Leavenworth.

      • 2013/01/29 03:46

        I’m working on an article about it now. They are trying to say he is retiring, not that he was replaced, but the Weekly Standard article is fairly clear. He was much beloved by the troops. We have such a sorry SOBs running this country. Heartbreaking!

  2. 2013/01/29 03:49

    Rereading your comment. Hate to show my ignorance. Who is GinC? General in Command? Who may be impeached? Sorry to be so dull-witted.

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