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GOP Wages War on Conservatives


Via Maggie’s Notebook: GOP Wages War on Steve King: Conservative Victory Project to Take Down TeaParty

A report by the New York Times coming from Council Bluffs, Iowa says a new organization, “Conservative Victory Project,” is intended to take down the TeaParty and like-minded voters. The article explains that the CVP is intended to challenge “far-right conservatives.”

Breitbart piles-on: Rove Declares War on Tea Party

The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party has begun. On one side is the Tea Party. On the other side stand Karl Rove and his establishment team, posing as tacticians while quietly undermining conservatism.

. . .

. . .

“We don’t view ourselves as being in the incumbent protection business, but we want to pick the most conservative candidate who can win.” – Steven J. Law, president of American Crossroads.

“Conservative Victory Project.”  Not so fast, brother.  It’s my ten dollar direct contribution v Karl Rove’s millions. I’m betting we small donors prevail.

WFB did Conservatism a huge disservice with his notion of “the most conservative candidate who can win.” It is inherently compromised. It fails in courage. It poses as ideological “reasonableness.” The very damning truth is, it has gotten us to the peril we face.

Buckley’s polysyllabic verbiazh always had a “conservative” tone to it. Milquetoasts and pretenders to the Conservative banner mimic it easily. Style is one thing; content another. The real problem with Buckley was his lack of core libertarian guts. One does not… stand athwart History and shout “Stop!”

Hell with that! One must rather stand and push back, HARD, with all one’s might and all one’s Faith. Bold colors, not pale pastels.  Breitbart got it. Rove doesn’t.

Sing Karl, Sing!

Oh Sing it Karl, Sing!

And still, after decades of failure, here we have Rove and Law applying “the Buckley Rule.” It robs the electorate of true ideological options in the marketplace of ideas. Or better, it would do so. No more: The problem Rove, Law and American Crossroads face is that we in the base no longer need them; The Tea Party uprising has introduced disintermediation to the Market.

[Hey Karl! Sir, it ain’t just Roger Ailes firing you these days. Care with the screen door on your way out. – Ed]

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  1. 2013/02/03 21:49

    Well done! and Thank You! BTW, where are you seeing that Ailes is dumping Rove? He’s on Hannity every time I turn around and I know Hannity doesn’t agree with much of anything he says, or anything he does on that little white stupid board.

    • 2013/02/03 21:55

      If what I’ve read is true, Rove allegedly got the boot following his melt-down election night. Ailes had had enough. Hannity, it is said, has to *beg* special permission to have Karl on.

      Thank-you Maggie! Cheers.

  2. 2013/02/03 22:41

    It’s like with law suits:only the lawyers win. Here, only the political consultants and big spending contributors win. They are deathly afraid of ideologically centered politics. Even more so, anything that colors outside the left-right paradigm.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/02/04 14:43

    Karl Rove is no Lee Atwater

  4. M Simon permalink
    2013/02/04 15:13

    WFB was pretty good on the Drug War.

    BTW you might want to look at Alan Keyes’ stats vs Obama.


  1. GOP Wages War on Steve King: Conservative Victory Project to Take Down TeaParty | Maggie's Notebook

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