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“Libertarian” Republican… and Other Bravo Sierra


Here’s a classical example of nasty blogging – this from the “editor” over at Libertarian Republican:

SC Sen. Lindsey Graham calls Romney “offensive”

. . .

At the top, Graham made no such ad-hominem charge.

In the middle are facts that disprove the headline.

The punch-line is at the bottom, where an ugly ad-hominem insinuation is made… by Dondero.

. . .

Buddy, pal, amigo – you can’t do that. It’s wrong.

Notes to Eric:
A) It helps the credibility of your person, your blog and your ideology to always stick to facts. Lies, inference and supposition don’t cut it. There simply are no substitutes for honesty and critical thinking.
B) For the record – and pay attention – unkind comment and inference about another person’s sexual preference is both illiberal and potentially unwise.  Pros don’t go there.

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