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CNN: The Most Rusted Name In News


UPDATE: “FBI: No suspect at hospital” Conflicting “confirmations.” So who did it?

UPDATE: Bryan Preston has more – Ed.

The Red Bitch strikes again with another all-too predictable libel…  Blitzer speculating that “anti-tax” groups were the culprits, and then this:

. . .


The Most Rusted Name In News indeed. Rusted red through and through.

. . .

The New York Post has rather a different scoop:

. . .


Those darned LDS Tea Partiers. Every time.

. . .

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/04/15 22:27

    Well, the only upside to CNN’s vile slander is that each time it makes the same attribution error, it also digs deeper the grave of its own credibility.

    Who watches CNN anymore? Hotel guests and captive audiences in airport bars and at their flight gates? What a pathetic excuse of a propaganda tool.

    • 2013/04/16 00:24

      Seriously, I heard this news and went surfing immediately for MSLSD and CNN. I hit pay dirt in minutes. These morons are so predictable it’s embarrassing – one almost feels guilty as if one is mocking “challenged” kids.

      CNN disgusts me.

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