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Sharyl Attkisson: Doing the Work… Americans Just Won’t Do.


Some gals just kick butt, yeh?  Ace has the goods.


G-d bless Sharyl, and thanks!

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  1. 2013/04/18 02:39

    She has been a monumental reporter on Fast and Furious and now Benghazi. I’m shocked that CBS is giving her the leash to do it.

  2. 2013/04/18 09:29

    She reminds me of the gal in Zero Dark 30. I hope she wins.

  3. 2013/04/19 22:19

    Good to know there are still journalists around.

  4. 2013/04/21 02:20

    If it weren’t for the blogosphere and alternative media, I doubt any would exist. There is something about competition that keeps men honest. While it can drive some men to cheat, monopoly always drives the monopolist to cheat.

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